Camil Dumont

Founding President

Passionate about aviation from a young age, he became a pilot in 1978. Camil takes every opportunity to share his passion with young people. In 2008, with financial support from Bombardier, he launched Aviation Connection’s ‘Pilot Mentor Program’ which allows young pilots, engaged in professional training, to accumulate more than 30 flight hours and international experience.

Camil is a financial professional: From 1990 to 2017, he devoted himself to portfolio management for corporate and individual clients, in partnership with several Canadian financial institutions. Since 2017 he  dedicates his time exclusively to developing and deploying  the Aviation Connection STEM program in High schools across Canada.

The success of the program relies on the strength of the team and Camil is proud to work with a group of professionals and enthusiasts.

Dear visitor,

Now that you have visited our website, I am sure you are impressed with  our 13, 14, 15  year old student’s  capacity to engage in exciting challenges  that make the Aviation Connection STEM Program so unique!

Aviation Connection’s STEM Program motivates students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through a stimulating activity that introduces them to the fascinating world of aerospace.

The Program inspires teachers who participate in the program; it emphasizes the relationship between a strong educational program in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and a successful career.

It also emphasizes the importance of setting goals, making plans to achieve them, and understanding the need to develop STEM skills that lead to meaningful careers.

The program makes it possible to recruit and integrate more students from minorities who normally do not have access to STEM programs of this level, absolutely free and without prerequisites.

Our schools play a vital role in the future of our society. They are the incubators of our workforce of tomorrow: “The next generation”. It is time that we recognize the importance of their mission: Companies, Governments and Institutions must deploy the necessary efforts and resources to help them develop strategies that will increase the chances of success for OUR young people.

Our young people have great potential! that is why we invite you to help them define themselves, to flourish in an environment conducive to learning Engineering Sciences and Technology. Education is the key to prosperity for all!

Canada is facing a major productivity challenge and the accelerated aging of its population. By stimulating education, we help improve the ability of our businesses to be competitive.

Our technical institutions are struggling to attract the next generation in aerospace. All companies in the sector recognize the need to act quickly to ensure access to a skilled workforce that has placed the country in the ranks of world aerospace leaders.

The STEM program offered in high schools by  Aviation Connection is essential to promote careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and essential to ensure a competent next generation capable of facing the challenges ahead.

By supporting  Aviation Connection’s STEM Program, you are making a difference

Thank you !

Camil Dumont

President and Founder


Thomas Schrade


Thomas Schrade was honoured at the 17th Annual Living Legends of Aviation in Los Angeles in February 2020. Living Legends of Aviation is an event to honour remarkable people with extraordinary accomplishments in the field of aviation: industry leaders, astronauts, record holders, pilots who became celebrities and celebrities who became pilots. Tom is an active member of the Living Legends of Aviation fund raising event which takes place annually in Los Angeles and Austria.

A former US Navy diver and real estate developer, he pursued his dream of becoming a pilot and commissioned the rebuilding of the 1928 Sikorsky S-38, one of 2 still in existence in the world! On board this seaplane, surrounded by a crew of exceptional people, including Tom Enders, at the time AIRBUS President, he crossed the Atlantic as part of a charity challenge for Wings of Hope.

A modest person with great generosity: Following the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, Tom donated 40,000 square feet of Cirque du Soleil tents to the city of Port-au-Prince, Haïti with the aim  to provide a refuge and hospital for the victims. This donation was made possible thanks to the support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation who funded the shipping of the tents from Reno, Nevada to Haiti. Catherine, our D.G., participated in the coordination of the donation.

Tom is also involved in humanitarian missions for Aviation Without Borders USA.

Aviation Connection appreciates Tom’s interest in the STEM Program and his commitment to  give High school students a chance to experience Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and to discover the fantastic world of Aerospace.

Jean-Denis Marcellin


Jean Denis Marcellin is professional pilot and human factors author.

As a Global Express captain with the biggest corporate operation in Canada, his flying experience has truly shaped his understanding of the needs and challenges of long haul flying and dissecting time zones, helping him author multiple books to promote safety and performance in flight operations.

As the corporate aviation community continues to grow around the world, Jean is dedicated to making it a safe and wholesome community and helping the people within it grow as well.

In 2019, he received the NBAA  Top 40 Under 40 award for his outreach to the aviation community and mentoring the next generation to come throughout his written, video, and social platforms.

Catherine Tobenas

Executive Director

Co-founder of the Aviation Connection STEM program, Catherine has been involved, since 2008, in the development and management of the Program. Rich in professional and personal experiences in various countries, including 10 years in the United States, specialized in International trade and banking, she held  management positions in various major companies. ‘Experience is a way of building up knowledge: experiences guide our choices and decisions, our know-how and our interpersonal skills’  those principals constitute the  foundation of Aviation Connection STEM Program to which I am very happy to contribute.


Philippe Paulez


Philippe Paulez has a CPA-auditor, CA background and works for CAE within the Finance team of the civil aviation’s department. Prior to working in industry, he worked more than 8 years at EY as a consultant and external auditor. His experience has enabled him to acquire a number of skills in various industries. Philippe stands out by his adaptability and desire to learn and improve. He looks forward to contributing to the Société Aviation Connection with the objective of encouraging today’s youth in their quest for excellence and a better future.

CPA-auditor, CA – Chief of accounting department, CAE


Isabelle Paris

Principal Engineering Specialist, Airframe Stress DAD, Aircraft Structural Integration

As a Principal Engineering Specialist and Transport Canada DAD (Design Approval Designee), Isabelle Paris leads composite structures development and certification and supports production and customer service teams for business aircrafts at Bombardier Aviation. After receiving her bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 from École Polytechnique de Montréal and her Ph.D. in 1998 from The University of British Columbia, she performed postdoctoral studies at NASA Langley Research Center, in the field of durability and damage tolerance testing and simulation for composite structures, before joining Bombardier in 2007. She is an active member of the Composites Materials Handbook (CMH-17) and of the International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM) executive council.

Avrum Goldman

P & WC Project Engineering and delegate from Transport Canada. OIQ and ASQ Member

Avrum’s career with Pratt & Whitney Canada spans 34 years in the areas of engineering, quality, airworthiness and sustainability. He has worked on almost every P&WC engine family, from design, development and certification through production, service and overhaul. Avrum Goldman holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, with certificates for Six Sigma, Certified Quality Engineer and Sustainability. Avrum is passionate about mentoring and sharing his knowledge. He organizes over 30 hours of seminars each year in schools, universities and industry. He brings to Aviation Connection his technical knowledge as well as his experience in coaching, mentoring and training at all levels of training. Both his parents were teachers. Teaching in his genes.


Robert Dewar

SVP Customer Satisfaction,Customer Services & Product Policy at Airbus Canada A220

Robert Dewar is an example of determination, well positioned to recognize the need to promote careers in aerospace in order to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Dr. Giovanni Beltrame

Professor in the Department of Computer and Software Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal

Dr Beltrame is a professor in the Department of Computer and Software Engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He received the M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2001, the ‘Laurea’ degree in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 2002, the MS degree in information technology from CEFRIEL, Milan, in 2002, and the doctorate.

Graduated in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2006. He worked as an engineer at the European Space Agency until 2010. One of his main areas of expertise is Artificial Intelligence. He has published over 100 papers at international conferences and journals, is on the organizing committee of several international conferences, and is a principal investigator on several government and industry funded projects. Dr Giovanni will supervise the work of 2 Polytechnic students dedicated to the development of the course “Artificial Intelligence and drones” of the company Aviation Connection which will be offered to students from September 2020. Dr Giovanni will bring his expertise to the program.

Avrum Goldman

P & WC Project Engineering and delegate from Transport Canada. OIQ and ASQ Member

Avrum’s career with Pratt & Whitney Canada spans 34 years in the areas of engineering, quality, airworthiness and sustainability. He has worked on almost every P&WC engine family, from design, development and certification through production, service and overhaul. Avrum Goldman holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, with certificates for Six Sigma, Certified Quality Engineer and Sustainability. Avrum is passionate about mentoring and sharing his knowledge. He organizes over 30 hours of seminars each year in schools, universities and industry. He brings to Aviation Connection his technical knowledge as well as his experience in coaching, mentoring and training at all levels of training. Both his parents were teachers. Teaching in his genes.



Camil Dumont Jr.

Programs Director

Camil ensures the quality of the Programs and training. He works closely with instructors and teachers in high schools.

Upon joining the organization in November 2019, Camil took responsibility for the Artificial Intelligence and Drones Program, working in collaboration with Katherine and Antoine, two software

and computer engineering students from Polytechnique. He becomes familiar with the operation of drones, validates the exercises with a view to their application by teachers in the context of school activities in science profile. His multimedia / cinema expertise is an asset in the realization of video tutorials intended to provide educational support to teachers

Versatile, with good knowledge of Computer Technologies, he provides solutions to various technical problems encountered and ensures the proper functioning of all equipment.

Having received pilot training, he participates in the upgrading of the AERO 1 course and assists the model aircraft specialist  in the development of the prototype P1 unmanned cargo plane which will serve as a model for the AERO 2  -3 course starting from September 2021.


Jérémy Rodriguez-Ruiz

Assistant  Director of Programs

Jérémy has an impressive training: Engineer graduated from the ISAE-SUPMECA school which trains mechanical engineers by combining a solid scientific base with real industrial experience.

The ISAE-SUPMÉCA engineer is recognized by companies for his skills in digital engineering, both in design and in modeling and simulation of complex systems (mechanical and mechatronic). He is also recognized for his skills in materials and the management of production systems.

His training as an engineer led him to work for large aerospace companies such as Latécoère. His experience in the field have enriched his knowledge in particular in Programming: Matlab Python, Design: Catia V5 and Modeling: Ansys / Patran-Nastran

In addition to his skills, Jérémy has qualities in interpersonal relations that are highly appreciated.

Aviation Connection is happy to welcome Jérémy in the team.  Jérémy will play a key role in upgrading the AÉRO 1, 2-3 programs and the new AÉRO 6: Space mission program.



Katherine Sheridan

Development of the Artificial Intelligence program

Katherine Sheridan developed a long-standing interest in aviation and education that began with her involvement with the Air Cadets. She is currently studying software engineering at Polytechnique Montreal as a university student-athlete. She has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is moving towards a crossroads between Artificial Intelligence and aviation. Katherine wants to share her enthusiasm with the young ATP students through her work on artificial intelligence, drones and her knowledge of aviation.

Antoine Pelegrin

Development of the Artificial Intelligence program

After a career as a musician, Antoine Pelegrin launches headfirst into science. His interest in mathematics led him to a degree in statistics at the University of Montreal and then to computer science through machine learning and AI. He is currently completing a DESS in computer engineering at Polytechnique Montreal.

Mohamed-Ali Messedi

AI instructor and drones

Mohamed-Ali was very close to technology from his childhood. Little by little, he discovered a passion for computers, curious to understand how his computer and video game consoles worked, and enrolled in introductory programming and robotics courses.

Currently a student in Computer Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, and member of a technical drone company, he cultivates a marked interest in robotics and machine learning, and wishes to transmit his knowledge to students in order to develop at home an interest in the world. exciting drones and artificial intelligence.


Yassine Emaish

AI instructor and drones

I have always been passionate about aviation and technology. During my 5 years of high school, I participated in the air cadets to increase my knowledge in aviation. Today, I am a software engineering student at ÉTS. I plan to specialize in Artificial Intelligence and simulation to be able to work with flight simulators later and thus combine my two great passions: Artificial Intelligence and aviation.


Alexandre Morinvil

AI instructor and drones

I am a computer engineering student at Polytechnique Montreal. Drones and artificial intelligence are two areas that fascinate me and several past experiences such as an internship in a research laboratory on drone swarms (MIST Lab) or my involvement in a student committee designing drones (Élikos Polytechnique Montréal ), allowed me to learn more about these areas. I am now happy to share my experiences with high school students through the AI ​​and Flying Robots Program.


Jonathan McGarrell


Jonathan McGarrell is 23 years old. “I have almost finished my flight training in the integrated program at an aviation school in Saint-Hubert. To date, I have accumulated over 150 flight hours. and I plan to finish my courses in December 2018. Then I will have my ATP (A) license. My next goal is to earn my flight instructor qualification. My dream is to have a career in the airline industry. Much of my life experience has been in the aquatic nature. I was on top swimming teams for 10 years Swimming taught me the effort it takes to set and achieve goals. These laps in the pool may not have provided me with specific driving skills, but they have taught me the values ​​of effort, communication and team spirit. Swimming has given me an incomparable work ethic. I am happy to pass my knowledge and passion on to high school students through the Aviation Training Program ”.

Kahina Gagnon


Kahina Gagnon is a private pilot and currently completing her commercial pilot license. She obtained her glider pilot license at age 16 with the Air Cadet program. Kahina is now a glider flight instructor training the younger Cadets during the summer. She has completed a DEC in Pure Sciences and wishes to turn her passion for aviation into a career as a commercial pilot. She shares her knowledge as an air cadet and as a trainer with Aviation Connection to encourage young people, girls and boys, to persevere in the field of aviation.

Denis Taralunga


I developed my passion for aviation at a very young age. I joined the cadets and became a glider pilot at 16, airplane pilot at 17, glider pilot instructor at 19. I will soon begin my training as a commercial pilot with a view to a career in the airline industry. It is a pleasure to introduce high school students from École St-Laurent to aviation in the AERO 1 course and to show them how planes fly so that they can take an interest in aeronautical professions. and studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics which open the door to a bright future in the new technologies of the future.

Jérémy Rodriguez-Ruis


My lifelong goal, to become an airline pilot, determined the choice of my studies and the beginnings of my professional career: from the age of 13, I did a discovery internship at the “Montpellier Méditerranée” airport. and at 15, I obtain the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate in France. Later, as part of my engineering course at SUPMECA, I did an internship in the mechanical workshop of the Hérault flying club (Montpellier) as well as an exchange at Politecnico di Milano to specialize in the field of aeronautics. In parallel with my studies, I discovered the first sensations of piloting by practicing the glider. Then I will work for 2 years as a design office engineer in a joint venture between Safran and Rolls-Royce (Aero Gearbox International). I finally have the means to achieve my goal and I decide to embark on the integrated ATPL pilot training in Montreal for its rich surrounding aeronautical fabric. I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge with young people and present them all the possibilities offered by the exciting world of aeronautics.

Noah Bernardin


Noah Bernardin has been with the Air Cadet program for four years now. It was in this program that he received most of his aviation knowledge and experience. He worked two summers in a row at the Air Defense Museum in Bagotville and is currently completing his prerequisite courses to enter a training program for pilots of the Canadian Armed Forces and do a BAC in military history in Kingston. Noah is now an instructor with the Air Cadets, as well as with Aviation Connection, hoping to develop a passion for aviation among young people and pass on the concepts he learned to them.

Félix Blondin-Sesé


My name is Félix Blondin-Sesé and I am 22 years old. Becoming a pilot is a childhood dream. Since I was little I have been surrounded by pilots in my family. I love to travel and have had the good fortune to take several planes in my life; these are the two things that fuel my passion for aviation! From a young age, I have always asked pilots if they could let me fit in the cockpit when going on vacation. The last time I did this a few years ago was on my way to Mexico and the pilots let me sit with them the whole flight. That’s when I decided this was the job I wanted to do. It will now be two years since I enrolled in a flight school to become an airline pilot. I still have to pass my Instrument Flying Rating (IFR) flight test and write the Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) exams to start looking for work. I love being an instructor for Aviation Connection because it allows me to share my passion with young people who are interested. Plus, it helps me remember the basics of aviation that shouldn’t be forgotten.


Thibault Maupetit


After completing my private pilot license in France, I decided in 2018 to move to Montreal to become a professional pilot. When my training is completed in a few weeks, I plan to start my career in Quebec and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the province, before later considering a career as an airline pilot. Aviation Connection’s Aviation Training Program allows me to share my passion and knowledge with young people while introducing them to the incredible range of interesting jobs that together make it possible to fly great machines.


Éric Labossière


My name is Eric and I am 22 years old. I have always been passionate about aviation. I remember when I went on vacation with my family, I was always excited to go to the airport. Seeing the whole organization: the crew, the ramp agents and the plane fascinated me. After completing my CEGEP in Human Sciences in Sherbrooke, I decided to travel to discover the world. It was then that I decided to embark on a career in aviation. When I returned, I moved to Montreal to start this new adventure. I am happy to share my knowledge and my passion and introduce young people to the wonderful world of aviation.

Annie-Ève Leclaire


My name is Annie-Ève, I am a student as well as a flight dispatcher at Cargair, Pilot Académy in St-Hubert.

In March 2020, I started the Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC) undergoing Flight training in order to eventually obtain the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). In the last year, I obtained my private and commercial pilot license. I am currently in training to obtain the instrument rating as well as the multi-engine rating.

My passion for aviation continues to grow from flight to flight. My goal is to share this fascinating profession which sometimes seems unattainable, but is so achievable and rewarding.

Jules Echasseriau


Je m’appelle Jules Echasseriau et j’ai 22 ans. Ma passion pour l’aéronautique a débutée avec l’aéromodélisme, que j’ai pratiqué pendant 5 ans. J’ai ensuite effectué ma formation de pilote privé en France au sein d’un aéroclub ou j’ai pu participer à la construction de plusieurs avions et les piloter. Après des études en physique et Chimie, je suis venu au Canada en 2018 pour suivre la formation Attestation d’études collégiales en Pilotage d’aéronef chez Cargair à Trois-Rivières où je suis chef Répartiteur. Je suis heureux de pouvoir partager mes connaissances et de transmettre ma passion aux élèves d’Aviation Connection.


Marilou Dutil


My name is Marilou Dutil, I am 23 years old. After completing my CEGEP in human science administration profile, I decided to enroll in a flight school. I did my private, multi-engine, IFR and professional pilot training in Trois-Rivières. Today, I am a flight instructor at a flight school. Joining the Aviation Connection team allows me to share my passion and knowledge. Education is a way for me to surpass myself. My goal is to introduce young people to the pleasures of aviation in the same way I discovered it, and to make them enjoy beautiful moments in an exceptional environment.


Nicolas Panouillot

Technical Support

My name is Nicolas Panouillot, I am 25 years old. I am in AEC training at Cargair flight school. I am about to pass the multi-engine qualification, I obtained the aeronautical initiation certificate and made my first flight at 14 years old on the DA20. Since that day I have wanted to become an airline pilot.

I am passionate about warplanes, boxing and extreme sports. After working in Australia I decided to take the private pilot’s license in France and continue in Canada.

I aspire to fly for an airline that operates charter flights and especially medical evacuations.

Aviation connection awakens an aviation culture among young people and I like to share my energy to contribute to this. The thirst for learning is one of the joys of everyday life.


Martin Rabin

Technical Support

Hello ! My name is Martin Rabin and at 22 I am doing my AEC ATP (A) at CYHU in Canada after my Physics Technology Preparatory Classes (Maths Sup Spé CPGE PT) and my Scientific Baccalaureate in France. My goal has always been to become a pilot in order to combine the pleasure of piloting machines, each more exciting than the next, with the pleasure of connecting people to each other and to all the beautiful places to discover on Earth. Aviation Connection gives me the opportunity to connect young people to my passion and it is with pleasure that I embark on this mission! See you soon on board!


Ugo Derouet


I started to fly at the age of 17.  I acquired my licenses and  became a flight instructor. After several years of instruction, I decided to take my airline pilot licence  to achieve my dream. After some time working for small airlines, I was recruited as a first officer and then moved to commander at Jazz Aviation on the Bombardier CRJ. After almost 3 years, I got a pilot position with Air Canada Rouge and had the pleasure of flying the B767. This summer, like many other pilots like me, I was laid off due to COVID. So I joined the Aviation Connection team to share my passion and knowledge with High school students. I can’t wait to fly with you!


Hakim Chakir


Hakim developed an interest in aviation and is  presently enrolled in a ‘ Attestation of Collegial Studies in Aircraft Flight Program’ (ACS)  with Cargair in partnership with LaFlèche College in Trois-Rivières. A former student of psychology and education, Hakim is  a substitute teacher at the Commission Scolaire du-Chemin-du-Roy. Hakim is happy to share his passion for aviation with the students.


Joseph Lucchini


My name is Joseph, I am 24 years old. Passionate about aviation since I was very young, I was lucky to be able to start flying in a small aero-club near my home, in Corsica. there that I was able to take my PPL training and get my license. Participating in the life of the club, by maintaining planes or giving a hand to mechanics, helped me  forge a passion for mechanics and a desire to always fly more machines.
I arrived in Canada in 2019. I am currently taking ATPL (Air Transport Pilot license) training at Saint-Hubert airport. At the end of the training, my ambition would be to become a pilot for an organization involved in the humanitarian sector or firefighting. By joining the Aviation Connection team and through their program, I can share my passion for flying with young people while introducing them to the various trades and issues in the aeronautical sector.